Brandi Mahon Photography | About
I believe that photographs hold the key to unlocking memories. It still amazes me how I can completely forget about a day long ago, but the moment I see a picture of a person, landscape, or an event.... I am instantly transported through time. I love creating memories and keeping them alive each time I view the photo.

Originally from Iowa, I grew up mostly in Texas. Graduated from Southwest Texas State University and lived in the Austin area for 18 years. I have had worn many hats for work... from Interpreter for the Deaf to Real Estate Agent. I moved to Lexington, Kentucky in 2010 to be with my wife, Sheri. She and I share our home with our 3 dogs and 1 cat. My wife and I share this passion for photography. We love taking endless photos of our furbabies, each other, our friends and beautiful landscapes on our vacations. We hope you enjoy the photos collected here.